custom cast-offs While Ramona has been working her fingers to the bone on this years Christmas Gift Range, Beck has been giving the Janome a serious workout customising freebie cast-offs for the widget. People have been delivering all manner of barely worn second-hand stuff by the truckload... (thank you all- you know who you are) and there have been some absolute gems amongst the cast offs (and yes Juliana that leopard print hat is tops!).

Sometimes however, the garment is great, but the manufacturers 'design' elements leave a LOT to be desired, but with a little creative license and a lot of fabric and felt scraps she's been able to whip up a range of original custom pieces for widgie. It's become somewhat of an obsession, so much so that she's nearly run out of things to embellish with robots, monsters and startled looking animals that seem to have invited themselves into the widgets 2008 spring wardrobe.
the results have been so encouraging she's now considering setting up shop with the new "cottage industry"... see what a week of furious house-bound nesting can do for you!


pen said...

love 'em!
(ps 'cottage industry' is registered- keep your hands off youse!!) heehee

Beck said...

ha ha ha wondered if we'd get a rise out of you!!!
of course I was speaking in the most coloquial of terms, and not making any reference to your own fabulous (and registered) business!!!
and let's face it their really isn't the same high adherance to quality control at hml headquarters... as you well know.