A Royal Visit from Durstonia!
The lovely and talented Miss Pen Pen is famous for her generosity and keen eye for vintage textiles and the lucky ladies of HML were on the receiving end of both this week...
...The Queen of Craft quietly dropped round these two gorgeous quilts as baby gifts - one for Ramona's small person, the other for Rebecca's. If you know us at all you can easily guess which is which. For despite both being children of the 70's we emerged with different aesthetics from that era..
For Ramona it was all soft colours and quaint story books and playschool... For Beck it was all Sesame Street psychedelics, HR Puffenstuff and roller skate disco...
Sure there is alot of crossover but we think Miss Pen Pen showed enormous insight into our respective styles...
ANd we'd like to send her a HML hug of thanks xxx

1 comment:

shula said...

Oh God they're fabulous.

I can't decide which one I like more, being a big fan of all of the above.

Better get off the computer and get my presents finished. Can't have Pen trouncing me like that.

Beautiful quilts, ladies. You should have babies more often.