the magic mushroom

We love 'other peoples craft' here at hml, and regular readers would be aware that most of our craft finds of the week are the results of happening upon magnificent examples of both the weird and the wonderful output of the unknown crafter. While we have a big collection of ceramics, embroidery, needlepoint, shell art, knitting and crochet it wasnt until Saturday that we managed to find the most rare of OPC items - latch-hook. We don't know quite why they are so hard to find, but like the proverbial hens tooth they are... so when Beck saw this little number out came the wallet and home came the mushroom.

Ramona was a little disturbed when Beck pulled it out back at hml headquarters having had a particularly traumatising time with a latch-hook chicken as a child. Having toiled for many moons on her first latch hook project at the age of 12 she had planned on making it into a cushion for her bed (it went so well with the Holly Hobby sheets). Instead it got snafooed into the nursery of her newly born cousin. Ramona has never recovered.

Beck also found this excellento kids book while rummaging through the op-shop, a hml how-to for little people by none other than super illustrator Richard Scarry, including such fantastic projects as the lowly worm book and a hand-stitched felt Ms Mouse. We can't wait to get started on the projects.


pen said...

I always loved richard scary books- those weird non-blinking eyes- look like they have been popping too many pills at the cool cat's dance party- think i may actually have had that book (or borrowed it from the library) I remember the worm and the mouse!

Quail said...

I adore Richard Scarry books. I actually remember that mouse illustration, circa, 1978 or something like that. Time warp! Love it.

Beck said...

hello Quail and welcome - cannot tell you how impressed we are that you list amongst your occupatins CHEESE MAKER!!!
most excellent

Anonymous said...

OMG! I remember that! That mushroom was the very first yarn craft I ever made, back in 1975! Thanks so much for posting that! I loved that mushroom!