99 sage balloons (well almost)

Ramona is one of those amazing people that manages to pull together a party like no other, bringing in all manner of matching crockery, champagne flutes and floral arrangements to ensure the extremely pregnant guest of honour doesn't have to lift a finger or even leave home! She even managed to color co-ordinate the helium balloons with the party people gift bags of gingerbread cookies which she had hand baked that morning . AMAZING PEOPLE... SERIOUSLY AMAZING.
Then there was the delectable spread of party food... mushroom tartlets, cheese pastries, rice paper rolls, mini fritatta, scones with rhubarb jam and double cream, carrot cupcakes with cream cheese icing, and brown sugar fairy cakes and baby brownies with chocolate ganache straight from the kitchen of miss penpen as well. Ramona also came up with the genius non-alcoholic 'Baby Bellini' which we drank by the jug full, and a hot chocolate which blew koko black right back to Belgium. Clearly we were ridiculously spoilt for choice, stuffed ourselves silly and ensured no-one got out of this particular event with their waistline intact. So big props and special thanks to the lovely Ramona for getting the whole thing (including the hand painted invites) organised, the flower arranging historian for his horticultural and food delivery services, and miss penpen for the cakes that have continued to make the men of the house delirious with happiness all week.


pen said...

bugger- i forgot to grab a gingerbread gift bag!

Beck said...

no problemo me lady...
I will pop one around tommorrow!

Anonymous said...

It was my pleasure Beckarino! And for all our readers wondering, the balloons can be found at Victoria Market (a party supply store open 7 days a week)for the princely sum of 95cents each - including the helium and string.
They come in an array of colours so you can co ordinate them with the flowers or wrapping paper or your outfit (if you want to be insane like me - they matched the gift!) and there is no minimum order making them a simple and fun way to dress a party room. We only had 12 but they looked so lovely! It helps when you have a supoer stylish interior to dress too!
Ramona xx

shula said...

very VERY annoyed to have missed this.