art imitating life
Beck once made the fateful error of encouraging the lovely Ramona to accompany the architect and the dog camping. Despite her protestations Beck managed to convince both Ramona and the intern that a couple of nights under the stars in a tent by the seaside would be a great way to spend New Years Eve. What she didn't count on however was the fact that they would be staying in the dirtiest (sausages and dogs in the showers), noisiest (absolutely rubbish covers band playing all night across the road at the pub) hovel of a caravan park on the face of the planet, and that this particularly horrific weekend would scar both Ramona and the intern for life. She's never lived it down, and even now even the mere mention of a tent makes Ramona queasy. Still we both saw that David Frazer had a new show on at Dickerson Gallery and even with the nightmare NYE lingering in the back of our minds, we both instantly clapped our hands in glee at his brilliant, hyper-real rendering of the striped canvas and guy-roped splendour of suburbia's favourite getaway. Ah the restorative powers of a good painting...

David Frazer's Lost at Dickerson Gallery Melbourne


2a Waltham St, Richmond

until July 20.

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