There is so much going on at the moment the hml office is in a bit of a spin. We'll be giving you a new show to see every day this week as well as bits and bobs from around the staff room. We were most taken with the invite for a news show on at Sturt Gallery in Mittagong NSW - a long ways away for some of our readers but for those of you in the vicinity the palette looks warm and the printing techniques of artist Annie Trevillian are seductive - on both paper and fabric. The invitation alone is inspiring from a textilers p.ov. The website provides some nice images too.
On the home front there's been a lot of click-clacking at HML headquarters of late as we two ladies hit the wool pile hard and started actually making some stuff ourselves in the hope of keeping our families warm ... because let's face it , despite global warming it seems like it's going to be absolutely freezing this winter.

Beck has been busy knitting an appropriately gender neutral baby blanket for her widget in utero... which is actually turning out to be much harder than she first thought as far as colour choice goes and increasingly the palette is being based around green and orange. While Ramona has been busy knitting a birthday scarf for the silver haired historian and father to be. Shame the birthday was three weeks ago and she still isn't finished.


shula said...

The Widget, eh.

Well, we have a name, at least.

Magnificent knitting, ladies.

pen said...

too nice!