beer of the week

First a disclaimer: no unborn children were exposed to the delights of Murray's Sassy Blonde Beer. The beverage was served at the Historian's birthday dinner and we were so taken with the label we thought HML readers would get a kick out of this hand crafted illicit drink!
Who can resist an Australian crest refigured with a beer drinking roo and emu? Or the claim that the beer has a glamour all of its own? And of course we are completely won over by Murray's claim to be a 'craft' brewing company.
We also have it on medical advice that a cold one is fine when you are breastfeeding - something about molecules being big. Somehow we think we're going to need one...


pen said...

although a total teetotaller these days, I love the label! great beer- i'd drink it if i drank, drunk, hic

invalid stout is what you need for breast feeding!

Beck said...

Is that invalid or invalid?
ha ha ha

I just love that this brewski is a "glamour on its own", especially since I recently found out that 'glamour' is a Korean euphemism for large (ahem)... breasts.

A Sassy blonde indeed.

pen said...

isn't a 'glamour' also something that isn't real, something fake? hahahahahaha
like the invalid comment!

Beck said...

stop it, you're killing me, and have also revealed yourself as a watcher bad 90's teen witch movies...
Oh crap, maybe i've just outed myself as well.
Didn't think that one through did I.

pen said...

mwhahahahahahaha- my plan worked !
(Hey- remember to return that last series of Buffy to me at some stage will ya?!!)