Vegetable of the year

hot potato

We here at hml headquarters like to keep you, beloved readers, informed of the worlds events and so it is with some regret that we were not made aware of this sooner:

2008 is officially the United Nations Year of the Potato

The ladies of hml have long celebrated the humble pomme de terre with many a crafty printing project, not to mention an excellent shephards pie. So all this week, to get us all in the spirit we will celebrate all things spud.

visit the official website. coolio!


Beck said...

I just need to make a small disclaimer here people, while I am a big lover of potato related craft activities and a massive lover of mash I DESPISE SHEPHERD'S PIE, and not just becuase i'm the in-house vegetarian. It was in fact my most hated dinner growing up, and the only thing I ever refused to eat, well except meat pies, which is a whole other story.

Sorry everyone, just had to get that off my chest...
I feel much better now.

Ramona said...

she is soooooo eay to get a rise out of people. Dont I know her well ha ha!

Beck said...

you're so funny baz.
like totally hilarious.

pen said...

potatoes at 20 paces!
choose your weapons ladies!
raw, grated, mashed, pomme frite!