Murphy's law
Richmond is one of those suburbs. If you don't live there you never go there. Which is kind of annoying because there is good things to be had in the 3121 postcode. There is plenty of pro Craft gallery action with Niagara, Charles Nodrum and Dickerson galleries all within walking distance...
the ladies of hml think it's worth the trek up the hill (after coffee at the Richmond Hill Foodstore) to Christine Abrahams for the new Fiona Murphy show. This gallery is probably the best commercial space to support ceramics in a fine art context (although we don't like how it is often sequestered into the smaller room)
We hope to se Murphy's ceramic wonders in the main space. They feel monumental and organic and deserve the breathing room. We'd also like to sit down on that excellent leather bench after trundling up that Lennox St hill (turn right at Gipps)...
show runs until April 28 - not long people!

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