twice as nice

Lucy Folk
Given the brief we are expecting great things from the Pieces of Eight earring show. Twelve jewelers, five pairs each -unlimited scope. That's the kind of curatorial flair we like - choose good makers and see what they can do. (Lucy Folk tempting us with salami earrings mmmmm...)

Elfrun Lach

Both ladies of HML are absolute suckers when it comes to the work of Elfrun Lach and so that's what our eyes and visa cards will be drawn to first

Melanie Katsalidis

And we are thrilled to see new work from POE Director Melanie Katsalidis - her use of colour, the balance and simplicity of form and the wearability of her work always leave us wanting more. Stay on the tram 112 tram til it crosses into St Georges Rd - well worth it and its on til the 26 april so there is plenty of time peeps. no excuses.

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