Well look what we found in the mailbox, yes just as Beck hit the six month mark the first booty delivery arrives, hot of the needles of her Great Auntie Anne.That's her below, pictured in the garden packed and ready to head off on a Scandinavian cycling tour sometime in the 50's. The English ladies of Beck's family have all been crafters, from waaaaaay back. Apparently the pattern for the booties is the one favoured by her great grandmother, or "old nana" as Beck used to call her.
That's Lily Gibbs (aka 'old nana') below, with Beck's grandmother (aka 'young nana') below. Now apart from being a killer crafter, she was also a channel swimmer, married twice (the second time to a wayward tattooed merchant marine) immigrated to Australia in her 60's and up until her dying day was a very keen lover of the wrestling... quite a woman really.

and an excellent role model for the 'widget'.


pen said...

you made all that up!
just too cool!
love the booties- very bootilicious!
like the way they look like they have soles on them- these booties are made for squawkin'!

Anonymous said...

love those wayward, juicy, luscious,
saucy, feisty old girls. thats what i wanna grow up to be!

Beck said...

thanks people...
and Penny IT'S ALL TRUE!
and yes those booties do have very cool soles double knitted into them, now I just need to get my hands on the pattern for Ramona's wee one.

kgirl said...

they are great booties! you're set now...

Great Auntie Anne and Old Nana look like some seriously fun, rockin' chics! excellent role models - who could ask for more?

littlesnoring said...

hey those booties look exactly the same pattern as my ma and gma made my little sprouts... and they are from the great british isles as well, so maybe it is one from the collective crafter consiousness of that generation of pommy knitters, or maybe it was in British Womens Weekly... Anyways they are a great boot for a little bub.