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Handmade Books
You've probably all heard about the hip new bookstore in brunswick with the super cool name and an interior and stock supply that will leave you either drooling with envy or with your wallet significantly lighter. We might have missed the tea-party launch for the new HAND MADE BOOKS exhibition yesterday, but really it just was WAY too hot for anything but Gluggs and Sunny Boys so we're waiting until the heatwave has past to get on over. The exhibition features a number of local and interstate artists and an interactive installaton by Japanese born artist extrodinaire Hiromi Tango. Tango has asked visitors to contribute thier own stories which she will then handstitch into her artist books. You can look forward to seeing more of Ms. Tango later this year as part of the PLATFORM program, so watch this space.
Brunswick Bound
361 Sydney Road, Brunswick
until April 5
Mon-Sun, 10am-6pm
03 9381 4019

blink or you'll miss em...
Melbourne: bond from the inside out by WALKA

WALKA: I am not a plastic bag 2008

Chilean jewellers Ricardo Pulger and Claudia Betancourt have trawled the backstreets of Melbourne's city and walked the streets of suburbia in search of the most emblematic of icons to explore in their jewellery. The results include moments of brilliance such as neckpieces crafted from the ubiquitous 'green bag' and a sliced up blundstone boot. Apparently the pair are keen bloggers who found out about the vibrant Melboure jewellery scene via both Anna Davern's DAVERNATOR blog and none other than yours truly HML - so snaps to both of us for getting the message out internationally. WALKA's exhibition is only on for one more week so get some while you can.
24/7 until Monday 24 March, enCOUNTER @ Craft Victoria, 31 Flinders Lane Melbourne.

New under the Sun: Australian Contemporary Design in Jewish Ceremony III

ZAC FRANKEL Cup and Saucer 2007 .
Craftspeople of all religions have designed original ritual objects reflecting both the history of jewish tradition and a contemporary Australian aesthetic. The exhibition features over 40 works using a broard variety of media from some of australia's best, including David Ray another HML favourite and fellow 'blood nut'.
Jewish Museum Of Australia
26 Alma Rd, St Kilda
13 November 2007 to 26 March 2008
Phone Bookings
(03) 9534 008
Zandra Rhodes: a life long love affair with textiles

People, we're only going to say this once...

RMIT Storey Hall Gallery, 344 Swanston Street Melbourne

Monday-friday 11-5pm, Saturday 2-5 until Saturday the 22nd March

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