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Happy new year to all of you. Let's face it, january is nearly always a creative write off - the ladies of HML recieved very good advice from a highly successful creative Genius that it's best to start with Chinese new year and just let Jan go. so we have. And Feb is looking absolutely fantastic (no really!) We are in for some great weather, great exhibitions, great movies and general feelings of well being. Excellent. Perfect time to head down into the Degraves subway to see the Sticky hosted Festival of the Photocopier which runs all this month. We'll be on the look out for work by Hammer and Daisy and the next issue of Mix Tape (crafty kids one and all!) Ramona scored a new photocopier this week so the ladies may get busy with some collage craziness themselves! Pass the glue stick!

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pen said...

ohhhh....... new photocopier....... my jealousy knows no bounds...... mmmmmmm...... new photocopier......