Look what we just spotted!

ewww that pun was terrible, see this is what happens if you try posting before the morning caffeine hit, sorry readers. Anyway out and about this week we came across these hand carved and painted polka dot knitting needles which were enough to get us thinking about winter woolies even though the mercury was tipping 30.
Red, Hot Pink, Pale Pink, Orange, Purple, Bright Green, Pale Green and Bright Blue ends all hand painted in non toxic premium quality paint with the timber needles all made from sustainable forest plantations and finished with organic oil to help those stitches sliiiiiiiiide...
Of course we snaffled some straight up even though we'd promised ourselves no spending in january (well come on people it's nearly the end of the month isnt it!) We found ours at perennial HML fave store Wilkins and Kent on Brunswck street but if you head to the artviva website you can find a whole list of stockists that might be closer to where you are.
click clack.

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pen said...

little magic toadstools!