21 days and counting
So Ramona had an interesting weekend. She went to a store full of cheap crap and chose horrible presents for all her friends and then stood at the checkout with 500 other people. Then she systematically put every single one of them back when she realised she didnt have the $387.20 needed to participate in this shopping frenzy...
This time last year the ladies of hml were teaching a course in DIY christmas gifts - literally in a weekend people had 7 great gifts to put under their tree. Ramona came to her senses and got in the car,went straight to the mountain of plastic tubs that line the studio/house/carport and dug out enough craft supplies to sink (if not decorate) the titanic...
She then made a list of everyone she wanted to give a gift too and decided on a small handmade project for each of them. It's going to be a busy three weeks! Progress reports daily (codenames to fox the recipients. Of course Becks present cannot be revealed til boxing day!)
Really it's time to walk the walk not just talk the talk. Good luck with all your projects dear readers.
PS- the house isnt ever this clean - we needed photographic evidence...


papergail said...

Hi Ramona,
Can you please contact gail stiffe at womensartregister@yahoo.com.au. I am putting together the Women's art register bulletin and hope to do a piece on Katherine Bowman's exhibition. She pointed me in the direction of your review and I'd like permission to reprint it.
PS very neat! I'll be lucky to find a spot for our tree!

shula said...

Head down, bum up, over here. And every surface is sticky from jam.

See you next week.