oh christmas tree oh christmas tree

A wee warning to readers, the following entry is a little christmas confessional from Beck, and may reveal more about her than any of you wanted or needed to know - trust us - it's just the eggnog talking.
Inspired by Ramona's 'tree for every room' this Christmas and being very keen to use up the unsold decorations from the week befores studio sale, the architect and I had a crack at the multiple decorated twig options as laid out at la casa Ramona, with varying degrees of success...This year i've made all the decorations on the tree -well not the lights clearly, and a couple of ikea heart decorations from last year managed to slip on as well due to the architects need for 'balance' but mostly they're mine, which in some weird way feels like quite a big achievement. It's amazing how easily I impress myself.

and so off we go around the house, first stop the dining table... and like Ramona's bedroom offering this was the 'folky' option - note the use of nikki gabriel egg cosy as christmas angel/santa hat tree topper, we thought this rather inspired.

next stop, hallway. We liked the combo of kooky twig work with the kozyandan Newcastle post New Years Eve party scene.
then the top of the bookshelf , which needed a wee bit of sprucing amongst the black and white ceramics. This one is actually our personal favourite, it's remarkably tastefull for us, almost 'adult contemporary'. the vinyl collection clearly needed a little 'Christmas Spirit' so they too got the treatment...
as did the sideboard, which was an obvious location to get busy. All those german vases gave us plenty of positioning options to fill with paper stars, recycled woolen baubles and silver balls. If you look closely you might also spot our 'Kamahl & Family' and 'Nina & Fredrik' Christmas singles out on display - it's just not Christmas without them. and finally the tree, it may be a little lopsided and goofy but it smells beeeautiful.

and come nightfall the tree gets all twinkly and positively 'Carolicious', perfectly setting the mood for a mince tart or three.

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