giddy up
The ladies of HML have mixed feelings about the race that stops a nation. Beck has left the country and so won't be enjoying the sight of ladettes stumbling down Flinders Lane with askew fascinators and scuffed stilettos. Ramona will be placing her bets based on names alone and will be donning this very fetching Horsey costume for fashions on the field.

Mind you, she's had the flu (hence the lack-o-posts this past week) so she'll probably end up in quarantine...


pen said...

I take it you are the front end Madame!
So it wasn't hay-fever, it really was the equine variety. Take it easy.
Catch up soon yes?

Anonymous said...

Ah Miss Pen Pen you are indeed overdue for a visit especially given your injuries! I will Giddy Up shortly I promise.

Madame Du Barry

pen said...

let me know before and I'll whip up a batch of chaff brownies! (actually that sounds a bit suss) maybe a quick salt-lick or a bussell of apples