Happening of the Week

We were full of good intentions last week. We bought a good shaped pumpkin at the market, we pulled out every October issue of Martha Stewart Living Magazine since 1994, we stocked up on paper bags, lollies, orange spots, witchy stamps and (dare I say it) lots of black glitter...
Unfortunately work, flu, loved ones arriving and departing and a general feeling of blah meant our pumpkin sat languishing in the living room, uncarved and unloved. Not suitable for eating (especially bred for carving) it was headed for the compost when the Intern had a top drawer kid idea "Lets chuck it and see what happens! That'd be cool!"

And so we did. Halloween Craft...HML style.

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pen said...

Glad to see Intern was wearing safety protection (aka apron) during this experiment. Thise pumpkin burns sure can be nasty.
Think this was a much better idea than following the American traditions of Halloween- would have been even better if you had thrown pumpkin at children that came door knocking!
Top idea Intern- bravo!
ps we really need to have a Martha Stewart intervention with you Madame! when we organise it we must remember to all bring a plate of delicious and appropriate nibbles and allocate someone to do the table decorations.