Pryles and Pryles of fun...

Dear readers this is the last of our images from the graduate shows and we knew you'd all like this one. Jeremy Pryles graduated from Painting at Monash by becoming a sculptor/maker. No matter, we really enjoyed his plaster cast dinner set for a number of reasons... It was well crafted - great attention had been paid to detail as you can see from the decorative surface and the almost fluffy interior of the soup tureen above. We'd seen a number of works that were great ideas poorly executed. This work look finished and a a result was wholly satisfying.
it was aesthetically beautful. The creaminess of the plaster was so seductive. Not that we aren't opposed to 'fugly' work - we like a gross out every now and then if it's done well. But objects should never look half baked (if you'll excuse the pun)
It was witty. So much of what we saw in both fine arts and craft departments all over town was so po faced and boring. It's always nice to see something playful.
The work considered its surroundings. No lumps of ceramic on badly painted plynths please! Pryles had used the communal gallery space to his advantage - you had to walk around and through the work to get a sense of it. Genuinely great.

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