Busy busy busy!
Ok so we thought we'd just throw everything at you and see if anything sticks. Our advice to you all is to nominate a day of the week where you can just get in the car and see as many shows as you can - bit like a mini festival. After all there is no real reason for you to do the supermarket shopping, washing, gardening, sleeping or sport that usually goes on every Saturday. Trust us when we say Art is Good Exercise both for the for mind and body...
First cab off the rank is the very busy Mary Louise Edwards who is a appearing in a group show at Flinders Lane Gallery (upstairs bit) - opening is on Friday night between 6-8...

Ceramic Artist Kris Coads show at Diane Tanzer Gallery in Fitzroy is aptly titled 'Waiting' -the opening is on Saturday between 3-5. Coads work is always exquisite, poetic and challenging and it will be great to see how she approaches that space. And we will be waiting ever so patiently for the weekend to roll around... Also opening this week and just down the road in Brunswick St is Linda Hughes' show at Studio Ingot. Hughes jewellery is fiercely modern and finely made. We are expecting lots of colourfield play, opposites and geometry.
And don't forget to pop in to see Dell Stewarts logarrific work at the New Alice Euphemia store in Gertrude St (Dell email us a pic wouldya!). It's going to be a great week peeps! For heavens sake get out into the sun and enjoy that hit of Vitamin D.

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Tina said...

Dear ladies, oooh glad you like the red table - thanks for putting it in your blog. Tina.