paper pushers

You must all have guessed by now that we are a little jaded about this years design festival, hence no fanfare or long list of how we are running around to see every bloody thing. We are in fact spending alot of time watching footy and enjoying quality time with the couch. We've cracked the SADs perhaps?

It's not that we don't love design, or even the festival, it's just that it's cold and damp and we have just recovered from the Scarf Festival and are about to launch into the Film Festival.
We are suffering a common Melbournian affliction - Festival Fatigue.

There are a few highlights - Craft Queen Pene Durston flinging open her studio door on friday, Erik North's modular lights and screens created from long discarded loom cards in the window of Craft Victoria and we have already caught and were most impressed by the Eastern Market installation at the NDC gallery (Shadowbox) - a series of paper garments suspended on springs that were beautfully constructed and fun to play with.

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Anonymous said...

Paper pants, I like it.