fun for all the family!

Sometimes when we go through the hml libraries we find little gems with titles like 'Oh for a French Wife!' and 'Rainy Day Projects to Make and Do!' Another classic is this slim 1968 volume 'Puttering with Paper'
While we perhaps aren't quite as jazzed by the idea of finding out what happens when a long strip of paper towel is hung in a glass containing a solution of three different food colourings (well actually maybe we are)
We do adore the old skool stylins of Peter P Plasencia's illustrations. The book is part of the (presumably) much loved Zim Series of Junior Science Books. Titles include Your Food and You, Our Senses and How they Work and the intriguingly titled Golden Hamsters (???)


pen said...

Golden Hamsters- is that like Golden Hands but with rodents?

shula said...

Or do we hang the hamster in a glass with a solution of 3 different food colourings?

pen said...

Shula you made me snort mint slice crumbs I was laughing so much. l love the mental image.... a soggy pissed off hamster changing shade.

Beck said...

HA! i've now got crumpet snorts on the keyboard, thanks you lot!