one lump or two?Its no secret that the ladies of hml love their coffee, and one of the things we've always coveted has been the traditional "we are happy to serve you" New York coffee cup. Beck tried to smuggle one home many moons ago on a trip to New York but the originals squashability really didn't make it the ideal international traveller. Ramona too has always coveted the cup, especially given her love of Woody Allen. That paper cup has become part of the New York landscape. Every year, more than 180 million of the paper coffee cups are used by Italian pizza joints, Indian diners and Jewish delis. It's no wonder someone turned the iconic Greek-themed cup from disposable to permanent, from paper to ceramic and good on them for doing so. Even better it has been manufactured from lead-free earthenware, and the 10-ounce cups are both microwave and dishwasher safe. Excellento! and we are incredibly happy to announce that finally you can get said greenie version right here in Australia, without schlepping all the way to Queens. In fact you don't even need to get out of the chair your sitting on right now. What's that... you need to get one, right now. You're jonesing for a new brew holder? Well just head to the home of the stripey thing REMO .

Go on you know you want to.


Anonymous said...

really truly are they really here?

shula said...


Beck said...

Could it be more exciting!
guess what i'm getting for my birthday?