round like a rissole?

It's like the dam has broken. The ladies of hml have gone into some sort of frenzied overdrive. We actually have a couple of treats in store for you dear readers in the coming days as we go into revamp mode. It's time for us to frock up the blog and we might as well ride this tsunami of activity because no doubt this time next week we'll be back at the movies wondering how we can avoid work and still feed our families. As for our reindeer friend above, we know it's not christmas yet and we have NEVER been 'christmas in july' kinda gals (christmas when it's cold - are you crazy peeps?) but we can't resist antlers - especially angora ones!


shula said...

She's board.

She's a Member of the Board.

Beck said...

and while we're getting on board with Mr Pop, how about
"i just wanna
be your..."

pen said...

deer o deer
you girls will be needing more buttons soon.....

pen said...

oh my god!
just had to share
was checking my mail, opened the spotlight vip newsletter(hahahhhahaha- always good for a laugh) and there was polar fleece printed to look like crocheted afghans!!!
that is like total sacrilege- bizarre!