pirate treasure
Sometimes you get an itch, you know something's out there in op shop land waiting for you, and if you dont hot foot it right that instant, you'll turn up just in time to see as that one fabulous find getting packed up into someone elses recycled shopping bag.
The ladies had that feeling on saturday, just before the craft frenzy set in...
And we were more than happy with the results - although the long suffering in house architect was most miffed that his weekly pastrami purchase had to wait.

What a mighty crafting item we uncovered. The patent pending Dennison Buttoneer!

brilliant name, excellent packaging, flawless manicure!

endless repairing options, special pleating functions no more messy trims and applique

unfathomable plastic parts, a mystery key and on off days the buttoneer doubles as an antique epi-pen

become your own designer, change your wardrobe and create fabulous hats with giant flowers
give it a round of applause people, aussie designed and made, genius.


pen said...

i feel soooo outdated with my needle and thread....

shula said...

The Itch.

I know it well.

Beck said...

yes and it really takes some scratching

Janice said...

Is it like a sturdier version of a t-shirt tagger (the thing you attach swing tags to t-shirts with?
How hilarious!
And I know that itch - it's just that Lately I've found no finds to scratch it with!

jennifer said...

The most enviable op-shop find ever!

Beck said...

I know I almost didn't beleive it was real, I felt like I was in one of those op shop dreams where the ladies offer you garbage bags full of finds at 20 cents a bag, and all the vintage 50's frocks fit you, and there are oodles of 70's chrome furniture pieces. I had to pinch myself.