staff meeting

At the start of each month we like to bunker down in hml headquarters and try and nut out the next four weeks worth of stuff (although it's taken until mid month to organise it) As any crafter worth their pin-cushion will tell you this is always made easier with a french toast breakfast with lashings of maple syrup straight from the log cabin homeland. A super sized strong coffee is also pretty helpful. If we get through all this and still can't come up with any good ideas we like to go in for second helpings of both. If that fails we like to delve into the collection of Golden Hands, Marthas or Japanese craft books, and if we still cant find 'the vibe' we usually give up and either head to the movies or take a nap. Actually we highly recommend the nap for creative inspiration. Especially with a belly full of maple syrup.

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handmadelife said...

just to let you know readers we've already planned a reprise of the staff meeting for next wednesday and have put apple strudel (and perhaps lederhosen) on the menu, we'll be sure to report on the inspiration powers of said pastry dish next week.