pot heads


As you all know, while Ramona collects the fine ceramic wares of such craft luminaries as Sue Robey, Gerry Wedd and Biggi Spiro, I am a complete victim of my teak sidetable and macrame upbringing and cannot go past the west german lava glazed stoneware pot. This is the lastest addition to the collection. I was pretty happy with it, even kind of cocky in my trash and treasure find, that is until my brother Matt walked in with this amazing haul.

The scene was set for a family showdown of epic proportions, until we came up with the excellent notion that instead of a german pottery death match we we would share the collection, each pick a color scheme and in future only collect within that palette. Crisis averted. So now i'm now all about the browns and greens and he's all about the blacks and oranges.

AND more importantly, i've managed to snaffle a few of his, and he's managed to pick up a few of mine. Genius! Grover would be proud.


shula said...

Speaking as a girl who was raised in the hardcore stoneware culture of Warrandyte, I have to say,

I am very impressed by that haul.

You guys should consider going into business together. You'd be downright dangerous.

Beck said...

I had the same experience growing up in the shadow of Mum's Bendigo pottery collection... pushing our stoneware fetish even further into dangerous territory. and speaking of Warrandyte, Ramona and I actually found two really fantastic complete sets of tableware which we'll have to feature on hml next week, they just reek cassolet!

pen said...

Love the white-ish genie bottle on acid to the right in the first pic!
What happens if by a sheer fluke you find one with both green and orange on the same piece?
Cut the baby-in-half?

pen said...

was that one at the top all along?
am I going mad?
its green-and-orange-ish
was there a fight or do you hide this one when the bro comes over?

Beck said...

ah Miss PenPen, you are not going mad, this was in fact the piece that started it all... and in fact I have retained this one because I have a sub section within the collection of the white lava pieces that this fits with perfectly. It's a complicated process made more so, because Matt and I actually share a house, so there's no hiding of the objects (unless you count that secret stash under the bed)!

knitphomaniac said...

what a beautiful collection!