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CRAFT FIND OF THE DECADE ok, so regular readers will know that the hml ladies can often be seen at Savers buying raw materials for our projects. It was in fact this time last year we were collecting fugly jumpers for our Spod project. We always have a peruse of the ceramics first as we both have a penchant for cheesy figurines and 70's earthenware.
Those of you that know savers are aware that they sort ceramics into groups - plates on one shelf, bowls on another etc. I was scanning the bowl section when I spotted a set of 4 lovely soup tureens - all very commonsense cookbook - and was thrilled to see it had the potters mark underneath. Just then Beck sang out that she'd found some excellent plates, 4 of them in fact, in mint condition...that matched the tureens.
We both got that wild look in our eyes - you all know the one - when you've found treasure and you are terrified someone else is going to cotton on and nab key pieces. So we quietly went from shelf to shelf and got dinner, side and dessert plates, cups and saucers, bowls, and one very cute candle holder - all in perfect order, all from the same pottery and all for the princely sum of


a great day at the office...
Different potters for different plates, does anyone know these chaps?


shula said...

Ladies, I am so proud.

And although it has been a week for bargains,

You. Scored.

shula said...

ps. If you're looking for information, this girl from Shepparton might be able to enlighten you.


Beck said...

You know I hadn't looked at the makers mark since we got these puppies and it's only now that we've been talking up the stoneware and macrame 70's upbringing thing and 'setting the table' that I recall that it was actually our local pottery centre in Shepparton (Redbyrne) Mum had and NOT Bendigo pottery at all...
hmmm stoneware, so confusing in it's brown-ness

pen said...

I'm thinking French Onion Soup..... with cheesy crouton goodness.....
Must admit that I have a slight twitch starting when I see this type of pottery- growing up in Templestowe, too close to Eltham and Warrandyte.... my childhood flashes before my eyes....

Ramona said...

Meals that have been served on this dinner set have included

slow roasted lamb shanks with creamy mash
Chicken Cacciatore
Shephards Pie
Bread and Butter Pudding
Lemon Delicious Pudding
and yes
French onion soup with cheesy croutons - well called Miss P!

shula said...

Hey PEN!

Talk about too close to Eltham & Warrandyte!

I grew up IN Warrandyte.

That pottery used to give me nightmares.

Strangley, these days, I find it rather nostalgic.

Penny said...

I just stumbled on your beautiful blog, and so overjoyed to see you're in Melbourne (I'm in Gippsland, just moved from Greensborough- small world, Eltham children!)

Anyway, what I really wanted to say was that I have a sugarbowl from the same pottery place, made by a Robert Waterson (someone you don't have)! I was almost ready to give it to the op shop (had it for years, time to move on) but if you want it, I can post it to you. No need for monies. Just happy to see friends together!

If you'd like to see some (highly unsexy) pictures:



It's in perfect nick- no chips, stains, cracks etc. Lovely little thing, nests in your hand quite well. You can email me at basementgirl74 at yahoo dot com.