spots before your eyes


I'll admit it i'm biased and selfish and Ramona may not back me on this one, but come on she's my all time number one favourite. And she's Japanese. Her name is Yayoi (which I discovered in Tokyo is now kind of slang for nutter) And lives in an asylum, and she is in her 70's , kind of crazy, has bright pink hair, is obsessed with dots and she's made something in my hometown. Which means she was also here, while I was in Japan.

Strange how things work out.


Terri Lynn said...

Cool. I mean spotty, dotty, like lady bug dotty.

ck, ok, ak and ce said...

I'm with you on the disappointment front. Not that it is my hometown, but I would have made the trip. But remember, there is always MOMA, New York, 98?

Beck said...

ah yes, and no better way to spend your last $25 in NYC!!