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As far as crafty items in Tokyo the list is almost endless: genius ceramics, fabrics to die for, and all manner of bamboo, wood and laquered must haves... therefore we are both currently kicking ourselves that HML's 'Big In Japan' tour didn't think through the luggage equation before departure. As everyone knows taking nothing but the barest of essentials in a very large suitcase maximises returning goodie potential, especially given that we are peasants and herded into cattle class with its paltry baggage allowance. As self described compulsive "overpackers" it is going to be hard to try and find space for all the potential purchases .
So it's going to be trip more about the pictures of things than actual objects. Well that's the plan. The Tokyo craft finds are probably all going to be found in 2D living color in the form of craft magazines. And let's face it we've all drooled over the awsome collection of Japanese craft publications that can be seen online ...or maybe it's just us with dribble on the keyboard.
We'll just need to brush up on our kanji deciphering, so we can make sense of the extensive instructions... andto try and remember to breathe as we are choked with gingham studio envy.


Shula said...

And it was for this reason, that I persuaded my daughter to choose Japanese as her language elective.

Beck said...

genius shula, always knew you had your eye on the main prize!