Schools out for summer


is no show at all really. While half the team suns themselves in tropical North Queensland the other is holed up in the studio trying to get work done but really just ends up watching the cricket and reading back issues of Martha Stewart Living (more on that later in the week). So above is the pile of books that can be found in the staffroom at the moment. You can see from the artful stacking that not much work is being done...
That being said there are alot of babies on their way in the hml world and so we are madly baby booting and quilting to beat third trimester deadlines (why our friends and family all have babies at the same time we'll never know...blame the moon perhaps?)


shula said...

Yay! It's so good to see you back.

Let's do tea and cakes!


handmadelife said...

good to be back Shula and yes tea and cakes are definitely in order. We kind of dropped off the radar for a couple weeks there - it all got a bit much. But we are well and truly back in the saddle!