Plein Air


Marie Antoinette very much enjoyed her own version of the outdoors at the idyllic farm village 'Petit hameau' originally built by Louis XV for Madame du Pompadour in the on the grounds of a park bordering on the Palace at Versailles. Apparently model farms were all the rage with the French aristocracy of the time and it was where Marie did much lying about in the long grass wistfully quoting philosophy and played milkmaid with her ladies in waiting in muslin dresses. This getaway provided the perfect antidote to the suffocating etiquette of the French court, and it was here she held tea parties complete with fresh cows milk and wild strawberries and lounged about on silk damask serenaded by attractive and attentive bards playing guitars...
Sounds perfect, could this be the prototypical exercise in downsizing or the tree change we now hear so much about ?

With this vision of a somewhat debauched milkmaid in our heads, it seemed nigh on impossible to go past this delightful op shop find from last year as the craft find of the week.

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