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As many of you know the HML staffers were on the selection panel for this years Fresh Exhibition at Craft Victoria. What you don't know is how proud we are to have been part of a process that promotes not just excellence but innovation, playfulness and the unique styles of graduate students around the State. It was an amazing process, sometimes a painful one and we felt a bit battle scarred by the end. But there were some pieces that were worth the argy bargy at 10pm at night (yes that Fresh meeting goes for a very very very looooong time). Up for grabs is a $5000 prize sponsored by Filippo Raphael and not even we know who the lucky recipient is just yet. We'll have to wait til Thursday night (6-8pm) at CV to find out. How exciting...!

And of course work continues on the hml Christmas show that opens Tuesday week - more details to follow...

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