weapons of mass indulgence


This week saw one of us use her annual leave to sit hunched over her studio desk, goauche coated paint brush in hand while the other slaved away over her badgemaker and printer trying to meet Christmas orders...boring!

BUT as you'd expect even while we've been busy busy busy ladies we managed to take some time out and take in some of the great things on offer in Melbourne. Interestingly (but hardly surprisingly) everything we did seemed to revolve around an indulgence of some sort. Whether it was the confectionary aesthetic indulgence of the new Kate Rohde show at Gertrude St, (which by the way is tops) or the perfect orange/almond cake, coffee and Nina Simone combination at Enoteca that transported us to Paris for a good half hour, or Artisan books where we inhaled the new Selvedge magazine and drooled over the basket show, by the end of the day we felt suitably indulged.

We also happened upon the fabulous new show by Benedict Ernst at Platform 1, entitled "The Chocolate Revolution" which makes propoganda posters from chocolate wrappers and molotov cocktails from moulded chocolate. Viva la REVOLUTION!!

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