how long is a piece of string?

We have seen alotta stuff this past month and after dozens of graduate shows it has all become a blur in our craft-lovin' minds. We have to admit our absolute joint favorite work was from the rmit studio textiles show. All works by Pennie Imeson just blew us away. They were inspiring, well finished, nostalgic and simple. The finger knitted jute string wall installation almost trembled it had so much energy:

While the woven mat piece was elegant, and well crafted cleary demonstrating with the simplest of materials the breadth of her skill.

In a sea of pattern and print, it was a spot of great calm. We really thought it was fantastic.

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Anonymous said...

Your comments on Ms Pennie Imeson's work "How Long is A Piece of String" was right on the mark. Pennies simple but complex designs, demonstrate's a talent that has put her at the top end of her RMIT textile course.
Unseen in these pieces are the long tedious hours that Pennie has laboured. Obviously a person with a deep passion for her choosen field.
We look forward to seeing more of Pennie's uniquie work.

"We knew you had the talent"

lov,mum & dad