Welcome to one of hml's hottest 100 sites, a magazine/website that brings you the very best of asian pop culture and beyond. The ever fantabulous and seriously addictive Giant Robot

Not only one of our all time favourite tomes, it is absolutely one of our favourite online stores and an excellent place to pick up your own Mini Money Mark doll complete with faux woodgrain box and mike, an absolute neccessity for all plaid pant wearing b-boys...

...check out Giant Robot sponsored art events and pick up any number of original artworks on offer, for example Marc Bell & Dirty Debbie's - Pantaloons #12 from their Birthday Moustache series
or get your hands on important film geek reading material to keep you up to date with who Tarrantino is stealing from this month...
We've had to limit our visits to once a week, really there is just so much to see you could spend all week glued to the monitor. So we're issuing our first hml health warning: set your watches before heading in and limit your viewing time... and do be careful your brain might explode!

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