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Look it is not like us to go recommending stores where fabric is $37.50 a metre. You're much more likely to find the ladies of hml in the bargain bins at Spotlight going ga ga over some slightly dodgy denim and some weird foam shapes (surely we can do something with that? suggestions welcome...).
In our defence before entering the pretty leadlighted, exposed brick, cathedral ceilinged, eastern suburb haven of Calico and Chintz (yes that is the name of the store) we could be found burrowing through the record bins at the Glen Waverly Brotherhood of St Lawrence op shop. But if any of you are textile junkies like us then this place has some pretty high grade candy to tempt your Visa cards out of retirement.

We swooned at the fat quarters, we felt faint at the Rowan book section, we went wild for the bamboo crochet needles, we became obsessed with taking quilting classes! All jokes aside, those of you wizzing by on your way to Camberwell market or the Rivoli cinema should think about making a pit stop...

Calcio and Chintz is at 99 Auburn Rd Hawthorn


shula said...

so...how much are we looking at for a fat quarter, approx?

Ramona said...

your looking at $6.50 per quarter which doesn't seem to bad if you just want an accent fabric. We sort of worked out that for a really sumptuous quilt your looking at forking out about $300 in materials which isn't so bad for an heirloom but is our entire clothing budget for the next six months so no quilt making here!

shula said...

$6.50 pretty good. I work in small quantities most of the time, anyway.

Thanks baby.

Anonymous said...

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Florence said...

you would be surprised just how far a little bit of fabric can go when you quilt.

some of the fabrics I use are $12 for 30cm but they light up all the others - you don't have to use all the fancy ones at once, infact too much of a good thing often ruins a quilt.

So spoil yourself with a few special bits and accent freely :)

I've just finished a mini quilt (I haven't quilted in ages)I'll blog it soon - I call it "Turkish Coffee."


Beck said...

that's my feeling too florence, a little bit of the good stuff can go a long way, in fact we were in the store a very canny quilter unveiled her work in progress where she'd used the more expensive colored fabrics as an accent between larger white panels and it looked fantastic!
cant wait to see your "turkish coffee"