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Just when you were getting your head around the fringe festival guide, and wondering how to get the kids fed, washing done and see that mustachioed nude body builder reciting poetry on a unicycle, Melbourne hits you with another festival, Victoria's first STATE OF DESIGN .

There is a great program guide designed by lab3000 kicking about at the moment, but given how darn good lookin it is most of them have been snaffled already. To check out the complete array of seminars, free talks, awards, temporary shops, open studios and exhibitions head over to the festival online guide.

However faithful readers, be warned. Like all Melbourne festivals, there are a million things on, so HML will be doing it's best to keep you up to date with all the things we've seen, will be seeing or in fact won't have time to see but think rate a mention anyway, in the hope that you may get to see them

The first cab off the rank for HML is the very exciting Freestyle: New Australian Design for Living, presented by Melbourne Museum and Sydney's Object Gallery.

Curated by Object's Brian Parkes and designed by Frost Design, Freestyle is a one stop shop of Contemporary Australian Design. Showcasing "the best and freshest design for the home and body" you can rest assured that the fantastic array of works will quash any remaining rumours that innovative Australian design stopped at the Hills Hoist.

For us the Freestyle must sees (above l-r) include: the deliciously lacey lightworks of bernabeifreeman, textiles by Cloth's Julie Paterson, fashion by perennial HML favorites Easton Pearson and Akira and jewellery by Dinosaur Designs.

While the exhibition opens to the public on thirds the 5th, HML are heading out to the 'invitation only' launch this Wednesday night to mingle with the stars, where we hope to get some candid snaps of both the exhibition and the 'jetlagged' designers as they celebrate.

Freestyle:New Australian Design for Living.

Open Daily Thursday October 5, 2006 until February 4, 2007,

Melbourne Museum 11 Nicholson Street Carlton, Adults $6.00

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