printed matter


Ramona: In a past life I fancied myself as a bit of a printmaker. I had to search through 10 boxes in the garage to find these! I do remember that the hairy buildings came from a dream I had where the city was covered in faux fur and I had to clean them

The angel is from a tombstone in Carlton cemetary
And this was my ode to Mr Squiggle the Man From the Moon...


Shula said...

Mr Squiggle! Ramona, I do believe we're of the same vintage.

I still love him. He was so gentle, and SO emotional. Remember how he used to get overwrought, and the resident presenter would have to soothe him? Or get really excited, and go into a creative frenzy?

Quite a lot like my girl, now that I think about.

Ramona said...

Miss Jane Miss Jane! Yes Mr Squiggle would get wobbly with excitement. I was entranced by his rocket too. Still to this day if I have drawing block I do some squiggles and then join them up. He taught me more about composition than anyone!

ma roulotte said...

i absolutely love the hairy/furry city!!
these sure deserve to be out of the garage boxes and gracing some walls :)

Florence said...

Love your prints. The hairy city you had to clean sounded like some of the strange dreams I've had too.

Mr Squiggled rocked. I loved the rocket with the hole so his nose aka pencil could fit in it. Oh! that oh so grummpy blackboard..humf, double humf :D