Achtung baby


According to the press release Andreas Tesch's solo exhibition 'Man Made' will form a landscape of 40 large-scale ceramic objects across all three gallery spaces. Though based in Berlin, Germany, the Melbourne-born artist continues to draw on the flora and fauna of Australia as a source of inspiration. Tesch's experimentation with organic shapes results in sculptural profiles reminiscent of bodies, vessels and architectural forms. Techniques honed over a twenty-year career, transform clay into a dynamic material, able to recall the look and feel of bleached bone, slate, rubber, burnished metal or even skin."

Good enuff for us, and we've been looking forward to seeing this work for months, Tesch's work is big bold and beautiful. The exhibition is also part of Victoria's State of Design program which you can find out more about at: http://www.stateofdesign.com.au/.
But that's a whole other story.

The exhibition opens at Craft Victoria this Thursday at 6pm, but if you get in early (5.30pm) you can catch Tesch speaking about his life and workA.. a rare treat indeed.

Andreas Tesch MAN MADE, gallery 1,2 and 3 . Craft Victoria 31 Flinders Lane Melbourne 3000

p>Now that we've got the high craft out the way, let's get right on board the low. In keeping with 'Germanicanic ceramic' theme of today's entry, I'd like to introduce my current favourite grouping of East/West German vases, currently on show in my loungeroom, Northcote 24/7. I've been collecting for quite a while, but in a nod to Japanesenese idea of displaying objects on a seasonal basis, I only keep a select group out at any one time. Of course the fact that my partner thinks them overly gaudy op-shop abominations has absolutely no bearing on this decision whatsoever...


ma roulotte said...

hey that’s a pretty funky ceramic collection, indeed!! and they work so beautifully together.
[is the brown (with white reliefs) from the east? it reminds me of some similar crockery we had when i was a kid.]

Florence said...

I love your collection. They are not abominations! Infact they would be perfect for Ikebana. I must improve my own collection, you've affirmed and inspired me.


Beck said...

ah so glad y'all like them, and yes I agree they are an absolute treat! Florence, it's true, those heavy stable bases really work as a counterweight to top heavy ikebana arrangements and I have to say I may have judged my clean line loveing boyfriend too quickly - he mentioned this morning how much he likes the bird jug...