back in yer box


If you are anything like the hml team then you are surrounded by stuff. stuff, stuff and more stuff. There seems to be no end to what we think might be useful. We are like wombles. No piece of string will be tossed, recipes will one day be neatly scrapbooked, sewing stuff will not end up battling it out for desk space with indian ink, magazines, retractable tape measures and pots of tea. Order is not something we are familiar with. So it is with pride and disbelief that we present you with one corner of the studio. Yes everything is labeled (sewing, tools, painting, spod, receipts etc) and it's the most delightful thing we've ever seen. This will last about 24 hours before chaos reigns again. But isn't it lovely?

So we thought this weeks Craft Find Of The Week would be these Ikea boxes - at $8-$12 for two - how can you go wrong? Uncle Bulgaria would be so proud.

any excuse to go to Ikea (shelves from there too!)

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Anonymous said...

I even think Orinoco would be pleased