Angel Baby...


regular readers of Handmadelife may recognise our youngest member of staff from a previous entry highlighting the now famous Sponge Jacket. Just to prove this designer is no one-frock-wonder we thought we'd show you her latest couture offering (and modelling) as part of the Wearable Art Show held on Tuesday night at the Hawthorn Town Hall.

The theme assigned was 'Heavenly Creatures' - and while certainly divine we think you'll agree that the finishing touch of the tartan Chuck Taylor Converse high tops is what gives this ensemble the winning edge.

hml apologises for the poor image. It's a challenge to make out the intricate sequin work, the individually sewn felt ghosts and the sensational lace trim. Our official photographer could not make the event and so sadly it was left up to a hack writer to take a bad photo (never a good idea).

Let's just say the dedication and skill that went into this weeks I MADE IT MYSELF puts the rest of the hml staff to shame.

want more? here's a link to the SPONGE JACKET.

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Anonymous said...

Hope - what a tour de force second collection. The ghosts seem to define the ensemble for me...an addition that subtly interrogates the theme. Nice one. On the topic of excellent additions...do you know about Elsa Schiaparelli's 'Lobster Dress' collaboration with Salvador Dali? The mask is good too - does this signal a move to accessories for collection number three? Love Kate