all hands on deck, we're off at warp speed!


Well we never said we didn't like a DIY gimmick here at hml... We still have our boxes of magic trees, sea monkeys and yes 'the bedazzler' holds pride of place in the studio, but when we saw this little beauty we liked it so much we bought the company! OK, so the budget didn't quite reach that far, but we did manage to scrape together enough to buy one of the new Ashford Knitters Looms last Friday after seeing them in action. Light, compact, and easy to use these puppies are being targeted at women who can't get enough 'fancy'n'funky' feathers type yarn into their knitting, YIKES! But with our collective Celtic backgrounds we just saw tartan, tartan and more tartan... maybe I also saw Rod Stewart in full football kit circa 1974 but then I often do and that's another story.

One of the best things about this loom is it's portability, you can fold it up with your warp on throw it in a shopping bag and take it down your local, pop it open on the bar and start weaving, genius! And much more of a conversation starter than yesterday's knitting circle.

Inspired by Rod and the 'beautiful game' I got the loom out last night for it's first run while watching the Fifa World Cup... And after a couple of minutes trying to remember my heddles from my shuttles I managed to get warped up, weave half a scarf and argue with the referee all by half time.... Excellent

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