women who ran with wolves


The first bowl of borscht from Babka to celebrate the onset of winter. The purchasing of football tickets for the whole family (carn pies), and yes we were women who ran with the wolves but in theme only... there is absolutely no endorsement whatsoever of the book of the same name. just so we're all straight on this.

This weeks hml kicked some serious 'art' goals .

We managed to see a couple of great shows in Collingwood at Victoria Park Gallery.
'Memento' which starred Michelle Tran, Jennifer Banks, Jessica New, Salina Halim and Janita Ryan, was beautiful, nostalgic and melancholy just like a momento should be.

The other was the 'Victims of Drawing Support Group'. Members Jess Johnson, Jordan Marani, John Eaton and Kate Smith showed us the fabulously neurotic inner workings of thier overstimulated brains and fed us "drawings from compulsion, distraction and frustration".

We were also almost overwhelmed with the new "Shelf Life" show down at Platform 2 in the Flinders St Station Arcade... do yourselves a Molly and get down there to witness the fitness ... the pictures tell the story.

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