mental health day


Regular readers well know that we are knee deep in Spod. All roads lead to Spod. Every waking moment is all about getting the Spod show ready.

Spod Spod Spod Spod...

Well except when we take a mental holiday which we did one day this week.

We managed to catch a classic take away lunch in Footscray, consuming probably the finest vanilla milkshake ever made. We did intend to make our way into the city to see the new Marian Hosking show at Gallery Funaki but only made it as far as St Kilda Rd. We got sidelined by two beautiful shows at the NGV:I.

The first was Abstract Mode: Geometric Fashion and Textiles. We never thought we'd see the Mondrian Dress by Yves Saint Laurent (1965) in the flesh. It is more beautiful and more well made than even we could imagine.

The second was American Beauty: Photographs of the American Social Landscape. What an extraordinary show. In the age of digital photography sometimes it's good to go back to the craft as it once was. When the photographer spent time looking. Each one a poem. Like this one by Jose Lopez Southern Illonois 1975.

Tonight team HML is off to the movies to see the latest Yash Raj Bollywood extravaganza Fanaa. Directed by Kunal Kohli it stars Aamir Khan last seen in Mangal Pandey (2005) sporting an incredibly excellent moustache. After his succession of blockbusting historical epics it will be interesting to see how Amir fares back in the modern age and out of a dhoti. Weirdly enough they filmed much of Fanaa in Poland so we'll be curious to see how it looks. Films like this are medicine when life is too hectic and there is no end in sight. For three hours (including intermission) we get to travel.

We promise to get to the Hosking show next week. It runs until June 3

Funaki Gallery website
National Gallery Website

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