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Synchronicity. And we don't mean the Police (altho every little thing we do is magic).

We aren't the kind of gals who embrace the dark arts of Flower Arranging, let alone planning nuptial ikebana any time soon but we thought it was astounding that at the very moment we were struggling with our $2.50 craft kits (see yesterdays entry below) Martha Stewart, domestic doyenne and hardcore crafter, was constructing one of the most complex bouquets known to humankind armed with only floral wire and tissue paper.

It freaked us out no end. With no time for the HML team to replicate said bouquet we thought we'd direct you straight to the source so you can at least dream about attaining her zenlike approach to projects (you'll need to invest in a nice linen shirt and pearls first).

marthastewart.com - go on, you know you want to...

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