I smell something fishy


letters to the editor....

BECK: Ok I'll admit it my Dad is kinda nuts, but we love him here at HML, especially when he tries to get a gig writing for us by sending us semi-anonymous letters via email like the one below...

"Dear Handmadelife Bloggers,

I have followed with interest your blog site and have decided to assist by submitting a short article for your consideration .

Please advise if you wish me to continue submitting articles and the amount you would pay for such contributions.

The first article I would submit is my own recipe for red dye which is usefull for tie- dying amongst other things.

First stage is collection of the natural primary ingredients which is conducted in an aquatic environment by hand using basic manual implements and it does necessitate a considerable amount of skill as well as a particular unfeeling and coarse personality such as I am favored to possess.

I have included an image of one of the basic ingredients collected during this week as well as a picture of one of the collection vessels filled with the ingredients for your perusal.

Your opinions of the suitability of this article for publication in your Blog Site would be appreciated. "

we love the addition of instructional images,
keep up the good work Fred we're considering your offer ...

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