I dont want your money honey I want your art


Art Melbourne O6

With the promising line of "75% of all art under $5,000!" you can see why it's no longer called the affordable art show. Our idea of affordable is a noice print from Ikea for under 20 bucks or the tapestry treat Beck picked up as Craft Find of the Week.

No matter, HML supports any attempt to bring art to the masses and we know for a fact that there is a small but wonderful craft contngent there too. We'll be heading straight to the 'Off the Wall' section to support Melbourne ceramicist & jeweller Irene Grishin Selzer who has been hand picked to fly the flag of craft.

Rock on Irene!

Art Melbourne 06 Royal Exhibition Building Carlton Gardens 20-23 April. tix are a not so affordable $20 (so take a cut lunch people!)

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