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This week sees the opening of the new show by the Founder of Flatland and Flagship Mr TimFleming. We know many of you have one of his office set figurines adorning your mantle pieces - or perhaps a pack of dogs, a four leaf clover, a rock band playset or (as is the case at hml headquarters) the word 'cheese' sitting on top of the tv. But there is so much more to this slightly eccentric world that the prospect of seeing new work in a gallery setting is so exciting.

Those of you unfamiliar with his work will be in a for a real treat as he takes over gallery 3 of Craft Victoria. The stage has been set for the inhabitants of Flatland to take us on another neo-craft adventure. The work is engimatic, funny and engaging. It's not asking too much of you, just a little nostalgia and a sprinkle of pop culture to make you sing a little. Opening night Tuesday at 6pm.

Craft Victoria

Flatland & Flagship

show runs until May 6. Craft Victoria 31 Flinders Lane Melbourne City 3000 ph:9650 7775.

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