clucking funny


This weeks website pick is brilliant and the best use of post it notes we've come across yet... Especially poignant given the exalted position egglets find themselves in at this time of year we invite you to discover your inner giblet at Doug Savages' Savage Chicken's blog.

You may also finally get the answer to the age old "which came first?" question, although you're more likely to get some wiseass chicken making a swipe at Jesus, or spouting ninja related haiku...

Savage Chickens is for those of us that always knew that Gonzo loved his feathered girlfriends for a good reason (well beyond their false eyelashes). They know alot more than you think my friends.

Forget the dolphins, these avian dynamos not only know the meaning of life, they know it really has no meaning...bok bok bok.

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